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Not all Love affairs culminate into a lifelong alliance through marriage. Let us see what astrological indications are for love affair turning into marriage.

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Astro Predictions for This Nav Read more. These days are astrologically very powerful for spir First Day of Navratri. Shri Krishna Janmashtami. This year it is on Monday, Saturday, 24 August Astrology The Shardiya Navratri has started in the Hasta nakshatra and the nine days of worship of Maa Durga has begun the tenth day is known as Dussehra.

Horoscope Featured Horoscope. The treatment of the Yeatses and the Mansions does not come at the beginning of this section, since some background is useful before looking at their possible interest in this area of astrology. The page is arranged as follows:. Like the Sun, the Moon appears to go around the circle of the Zodiac, though its circuit lasts a month of Despite this dismissal, and despite the fact that Yeats is dealing with phases rather than the path of the Moon, there are lingering elements that seem to go beyond just classification.

Although the phases of the Moon, which follow the synodic cycle of Indeed, within artistic and symbolic representations, as opposed to astronomical and astrological, the various cycles are almost always superimposed on each other. Miniature from Zubdat al-Tawarikh ca.

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It shows, from the centre: the ancient planets the Moon with a mirror; Mercury as a scribe; Venus with a dulcimer; a haloed Sun; Mars as a warrior; Jupiter as a worthy; Saturn as an ascetic , the signs of the Zodiac in a clockwise order, the Moon's phases in an anti-clockwise order aligned with the Mansions of the Moon. The twenty-eight letters of the Arabic alphabet and the symbolic significance of the Moon in Islam, particularly the crescent Moon, give the Mansions a particular significance in Arabic astrology.

It is through the Arabs that Hellenistic astrology, including that of the Hermetic Corpus, and Indian astrology, along with the positional number system, were transmitted to the Europeans during the Middle Ages.

Arabic Astrology - An Introduction to the Arabic Astrology 12 Zodiac Signs

During the great efflorescence of Islamic translation and science, roughly from the ninth to the thirteenth centuries CE, there were many writers in Arabic on astrology, and almost all include some treatment of the lunar Mansions, usually derived ultimately from the Hellenistic system of Dorotheos of Sidon Dorotheus Sidonius; first century CE influenced by the Indian nakshatras. Much of the material, but by no means all, was translated into Latin during the European Middle Ages, usually in Spain, where Islam and Christendom met, along with Judaism.

The topics are rearranged slightly and kept in semi-note form for brevity. The enterprises involved vary from the important to the trivial, from marriage to when to put on new clothes, and Dorotheos also comments on the outcome of processes started involuntarily under a particular Mansion, such as captivity. Some elements seem to be influenced by the Zodiac sign interestingly Virgo seems to favour marriage with non-virgins , and characteristics often repeat for two or more consecutive Mansions. This seems more superstitious in some respects, but it also takes the burden off waiting for the appropriate time to do something, as long as the talisman has been made at the right time.

Johannes Hispalensis translated a good number of Arabian sources on astrology, and gives his own summary of all these works in Epitome Totius Astrologiae written ca. We know that the Yeatses were referred to this book see The Yeatses and the Mansions for this and further consideration of mediaeval Latin sources. The cosmos expounded gives a theoretical explanation of the tropical system of the Zodiac, placing the Towers of the Zodiac in the Sphere of the Starless Sky, above that of the Sphere of the Fixed Stars, and below the Sphere of the Divine Pedestal and the Sphere of the Divine Throne.

12222 Reports

The sequence given here appears in The Revelation of Mecca , but the names of the Mansions are not given, so I have taken them from Vivian Robson , The Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology , which follows a looser convention of transcription. A list with the full Arabic is available here or at the end of the page. The movement away from Divine Essence in the First stage passes through stages of universal Archetypes and reaches the highest levels of celestial manifestation at stages Seven and Eight around the Summer Solstice, the spheres beyond the manifest cosmos.

The planetary sequence starts with Saturn and the Sun is at the central point of this sequence, corresponding with the equinoctial point of Libra. Earth represents the most solid simple element, and is placed at the Winter Solstice, after which come the mixed forms, with a form of ascent. As the schema of the twenty-eight phases of the Moon first began to emerge in the Automatic Script at the end of November the Yeatses must have been intrigued by the possibility that they bore some relation to the twenty-eight Mansions of the Moon from Arabic astrology.

As has been mentioned, the Arabic Mansions had passed into mediaeval European usage through the work of the Spanish translators, especially those of Toledo, and, in his Epitome Totius Astrologiae "The Summary of All Astrology" , Johannes or Joannes Hispalensis John of Seville brings together astrological teaching from a variety of sources, including Arab writers, many of whom he had also translated. At some stage the Yeatses must have followed up these references.

Published in printed form in but dated internally to , the Epitome does not give the Arabic names of the Mansions, but it does give the Latin names, and quite a full treatment of their significance according to Dorotheus of Sidon. Another resource which the Yeatses could well have consulted would have been the works of Cornelius Agrippa, in particular his De Occulta Philosophia , of which they perhaps already owned a copy YL 5 and which Yeats certainly knew in J.

These images are of a similar nature to those which Yeats tried to develop for each of the Phases see Phase Images , although they are usually very different in detail; however, both combine disparate and strange images, which are sometimes quite violent. Much of his more explicit magical writing was in fact not published until long after his death, with De Magia only appearing in The images which appear in De umbris idearum are not exactly the same, but, although there are other sources which he could have used, Agrippa is the most likely, particularly given other echoes elsewhere in his works.

Bruno, however, develops and embellishes to a greater or lesser extent from what any sources could offer him. With reference to the examples given above, Bruno gives for the fourth Mansion a soldier on horseback with a snake in his right hand and dragging a black dog with his left, for the tenth a woman in childbirth, in front of whom there is a golden lion and a man in the attitude of a convalescent, and for the twenty-first, two men back to back, each picking up shaved hairs.

Sturm also claimed very particular knowledge:. All these writers, though, give very similar lists, most in fact derived ultimately from Dorotheos of Sidon and Indian sources. There is, however, one final source that they did use, which is significantly different from the others.

Kircher was among the first Europeans to study the Coptic language, surmising that Coptic was the descendent of the language of Ancient Egypt, although Coptic had already almost died out as a spoken language by his day and become restricted to the liturgy of the Coptic Church. Kircher had access to a bilingual Arabic-Coptic word list, which had been prepared in the fourteenth century by Barakat ibn Kabar d. A good part of this chapter is centred on the Mansions of the Moon and was repeated, with a few embellishments, in his magnum opus on Egypt, Oedipus Aegyptiacus Rome, For a clearer, larger image, click here.

Unfortunately in the transmission to printing, the special characters lost their formatting and the online version above is more correct. George understood Latin, but appears to have been slightly cavalier with the dictionary, taking cubitus as bed rather than the cubit measure or forearm and reading frons as frons, frondis , a frond, bough or leafy branch, rather than frons, frontis , forehead, front or brow.

In both places the context makes the alternatives clear, so it indicates that she may have been rushing to some degree. George would probably have recognised most of the Hebrew as well, since the language and alephbet were fundamental from studies in Cabbala in the Golden Dawn. These included the assumption that the hieroglyphs were an entirely symbolic or ideogrammatic writing with no phonetic component, and that the Greek language and alphabet were derived from the Egyptian.

It may seem obvious now that the alphabet is an adaptation of Greek, but Kircher saw the letters formed from the ibis, ram, bull and so on, and then taken to Greece. These are all variations on the same question really. It is also clear that with the dislocation of the constellations from their associated signs of the Zodiac, owing to the natural phenomenon of the precession of the equinoxes , if the Mansions remain tied to the stars rather than the signs, then some of the anomalies that are gradually established between the two series start to make the system look slightly absurd, thus Al Batn al Hut , "the belly of the fish", from the constellation of Pisces will now be found in the tropical sign of Aries.

The exact amount of the drift varies with the date. The texts usually derive from Arabic writers of the tenth and eleventh centuries, whose works were transmitted into Europe through mediaeval translations circulated in manuscript, which, in turn, were then sometimes printed some centuries after that, with no updating.

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  5. There is, therefore, room for a great deal of uncertainty, since each year adds a further slippage of Such shifts can be confusing and are only further obscured by poor transliteration of Arabic, gaps, or corruption during the copying of manuscripts. Indeed, it often seems that observation stopped with the Arabs and that, once astrology fell into desuetude among in Islamic culture, the system became stuck. This Mansion, associated with the horns of Aries, is listed as the first by Abenragel fl.

    An example of the confusing situation, based on one of the clearer and better known stars, Alpha Tauri Aldebaran , which gives its name to one of the Mansions, may give some indication. Aldebaran 'the follower' of the Pleiades is usually identified with the eye of the constellation of Taurus, the Bull, and the name is one of the most distinctive and least liable to corruption since it comes from this star, which was one of the four Royal Stars of ancient Persian astronomy.

    This is justifiable as he is writing about what people used to do, and it appears that he is drawing to a large degree on the Picatrix. We therefore find positions determined for a date around being given as if they still applied after He takes a comparative and historical approach, giving Indian, Arabian and Chinese systems. In this sense at least, it was evident that the System was not astrological. Again, from their knowledge of the birthcharts of some of the people involved, it was fairly clear that it would not be any simple alignment, but they may have considered it worth investigating a little.

    At the very least Yeats would have been interested in another set of symbolism. In many comments, they treat the Phases as having stellar counterparts, such that fixed stars are identified as positioned at certain Phases and planets as transiting or passing through them, exactly as in conventional astrology.

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    None of the background apparatus to this schema appears in the Script itself and evidently the Yeatses were developing the ideas elsewhere before bringing them to the evening sessions. In the published versions of the System, Yeats used the precession of the equinoxes for a rather different purpose.

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    In the published versions, they eventually decided on symbolic rather than mathematical allocations with respect to the Great Year which is linked to the Universal Man , and these allocations are arbitrary, fitting the divisions to whole Zodiac signs, rather than natural, dividing the circle by twenty-eight. A normative pattern of assigning mansions to signs of the Zodiac in twos and threes is seen in some Arab writers, such as Arcandam, and mediaeval manuscripts, but the Yeatses took the arbitrariness to a more extreme degree, allotting a whole sign to the crucial Phases 1, 8, 15 and 22, while allocating the others in triads see the Cardinal Phases and Triads.

    All the same, it would be very strange if the Yeatses had not consulted Joannes Hispalensis, Cornelius Agrippa, or one of the several other resources at some stage. The Yeatses did develop a set of images, one for each of the Phases, Symbols of the Phases , and to some extent their interest in the Mansions of the Moon may have been as much to do with the symbolism involved rather than direct correspondence.

    The signs of the Zodiac are very simple images, usually just an animal, whereas the Mansions tend to be associated with slightly more complex images, often of situations or specific individuals, though examples such as the fish and the head of a lion show the influence of the Zodiac. The nature of these images seems in part to derive from the association of the Mansions with talismanic magic in the Middle Ages and early Renaissance and still today, according to a website on Renaissance Astrology and Magic.

    Agrippa tells how the talismans used to be made when the Moon was in a particular Mansion, with appropriate materials and perfumes, apparently distancing himself by claiming simply to record what was done rather than to instruct. The names are often recognisable corruptions of the Arabic ones similar to but different from those in the translation of Abenragel above , while the Latin names coincide almost entirely with those given by Joannes Hispalensis.