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Love sign compatibility: Comparing Venus signs in Astrology
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They are perceptive and intuitive observers who can sniff out a secret from miles away and can tune in to the true even unconscious desires of those they care for. Dates will involve snuggling, cuddling, and long talks deep into the night about anything and everything. They are great company and make others feel truly understood and cared about. But once they do truly feel safe, no partner could be more dependable, loving, and understanding. Nothing is more important to the Venus in Leo than love. Venus in Leo people are warmhearted, generous, and actually quite simple.

Partners who are flighty, indifferent, distracted, or moody will soon discover this leads to massive sulking and subsequent fights. They need attention, appreciation, and passion, but in return, partners are rewarded with a person who wines, dines, and entertains them in the biggest ways.

This wealth of knowledge they accumulate about their partners and their Virgo-ish perfectionism can lead them into nagging their S. They also like everything to be harmonious, balanced, and idealized, which can come off as superficial or unrealistic because life is typically more complicated, messy, and unfair than they like having to deal with.

Venus in Pisces

Their natural charm and eye for aesthetics give them a desire for a fairy-tale-esque love. However, if their compromising, fair nature is taken advantage of, it can lead to tension as they try to fix the balance. The trick to making a relationship work with a Venus in Libra is to always be fair and do your share of the work. Treat them how you wish to be treated, and they will return the favor to a T. People with Venus in Scorpio attract others readily because they have a hardwired sexuality and a fearless, concentrated need for intensity with others. There are no boundaries to the levels of intimacy they seek , although they do not allow this laser-beam analysis to be focused back at them they are secretive and guarded AF.

Does this all sound a bit heavy? Maybe, and for many people, it can be too much. Venus in Scorpios can be jelly, cutting, and provocative in their affections. That said, they are also incredibly loyal, deep, interested in their partner on all levels, and an absolute powerhouse in bed. Dare you date one? Those with Venus in Sagittarius are extremely attractive people—flirty, fun, warm, outgoing, and eager to make a connection. Hookups come easily to them but committed relationships less so because they possess a deeply rooted need to remain free and open to options.

They are restless at heart and can easily ghost if things get tough or they feel stifled, criticized, or uninspired. The key to having a great relationship with a Venus in Sagittarius is to first give them their space, difficult as it may feel when partners know just how flirty and distracted they can get. The second ingredient which is way more fun is to be a true life partner for them by being involved in all their big ideas.

They want to explore the world and as idealists, they want an equally freedom-loving partner by their side who can keep up, if not go slightly ahead and challenge them onward. If they could use an algorithm to match them to this person and save all the chasing, flirting, and uncertainty, they would. They just want the right end result without all the pesky messiness of dating around.

Others are drawn to them because of their cool, calm, and collected aura. Whilst not the most passionate or fun-loving partner, they are incredibly loyal and resilient and the kind of person you can really lean on. Venus in Aquarius people seek a friend as well as a lover, someone they can bounce ideas off of, play with, and challenge. Their head definitely rules their heart, and they approach every situation with reason and logic. Lovers can expect an eccentric, unique partner who is up for anything, puts no rules or boundaries in place, and makes magical, spontaneous date suggestions and they look for someone to really go with their flow.

This time around, make a wish and guess what, it could actually happen!

Time to set the stage for a solid commitment, whether you are single or attached. This is the real deal, Virgo. We promise. A tough choice will be upon you, dear Libra , with Venus in Pisces, but this is not as tough as it looks. When she leaves the dishes to run a bath for the little one, do them for her. This is romance for her right now. When he needs that cold cocktail after getting home from work, get it for him without waiting to be asked.

Little things like this make romantic partners stop and take notice, and fall in love. A naughty little gift for your sweetie as well will reap wonderful rewards.

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Taurus and Pisces Love Compatibility

Whether you are single or attached, Venus wants you to stretch those boundaries during this period. When you do, Venus will help you make them last. To some your ego is inflated, Scorpio, but you know best that your soul is served well that way. You are really going to have that ego boost over the next several weeks when it comes to love.

When it comes to love under this transit, your love horoscopes show that the more confidence you have, the more likely you will create a legendary romance by the time this transit is through. Go for it! Venus in Pisces is working your fifth house of love for a few weeks, and many planets will soon follow. This launches a very saucy time for you.

Just have fun. No really. This is not the time to be obsessed. This is the time to just…enjoy.

Perfect Astrological Partners

If you can conquer this, Scorpio, you will be set for romance for the rest of the year. Being breezy is darned attractive, and Venus has some surprises for you that will stand the test of time, if you let them. For you, Sagittarius, love is what makes the world go around, but you sometimes get your wires crossed when it comes to commitment.


Keep that mentality. Spread love wherever you can to friends, family, and loved ones, and a very special Venus miracle is headed right in your direction.

Venus Signs - Venus In Pisces |

Venus in Pisces is working your fourth house of roots and foundations, making home very important over this romantic period. Netflix and chill. If you are attached, try not to burn the midnight oil too much, and save some of that energy for your honey. Go home! Avoid competition, as this will backfire in love. Instead, just be real with your crush or dates, and let that fiery personality of yours shine. Time for a break, Capricorn? Do something fun and stress free that requires no organization or thought whatsoever. When you do, the easy breezy love vibes you need to loosen you up will be almost overwhelming for you.

In a good way! Venus is working your communication house Capricorn, and so love horoscopes show that when you use your words, you win in love. Just say what you feel in love, whether single or attached.

Venus in Pisces for Aries - The answers are within. No really.

Come from a place of love, and watch love multiply. For you, Aquarius, love horoscopes show that manifesting miracles from this transit will be about finding the comfortable things in life. Comfort food, comfort people, comfort blanket, whatever makes you feel warm and fuzzy is where you should put your energy. Comfort and easiness breeds romance and open hearts. Follow yours and report back! When you tap into your gifts and talents, you will see love get very romantic in a way that lasts for many months. For you, Aquarius, Venus is working your second house of gifts and talents.

Be confident in who you are. Share your authentic self. Whether you are single or attached, your recipient will find that very, very, Venus sexy. You do you - embrace that and you will be batting them off like flies to honey. This is your time to shine in love, baby, so if you need to make miracles happen then follow that happy little heart of yours!

Pisces love horoscopes show all you need for some epic love moments under this transit is some cleverly placed invitations. Just ask, and ye shall receive. The romantic world is literally your oyster. Take the lead. This is your house of self and new beginnings. Use some hidden talents to show them a new side of you, or take the initiative yourself to take love to an all new level. Do enjoy! When it comes to Venus in Pisces transit, love is literally where it is at. Do not bring thinking into this.